Germino Monterey 100


Germino Monterey 100

A Facsimile of a 1966 Marshall JTM45/100 meticulously rebuilt components and specs.

From Greg Germino’s product specs page:

“Based on the original “Super Amplifier” from the 1966 time period also known as the JTM-45/100. Original examples of these early amps are getting harder and harder to find, and prices keep escalating. The Monterey 100 “Super Amplifier” is a faithful re-creation of the JTM-45/100 in every way with extreme attention to detail in build quality and components. The sound is unmistakably vintage with it’s huge full sound evoking memories of Fresh Cream, early Hendrix and early AC/DC.

Inside the heart and soul of the Monterey 100 you will find the quality construction that sets the standard for all Germino models and by which others are judged. Meticulous wiring with the absolute best quality parts available are perfectly arranged on an original style tag board. Spot welded aluminum chassis, custom wound paper bobbin transformers with correct interleaving ratio’s, CTS potentiometers with correct audio taper (Presence control is linear taper), vintage style mustard coupling capacitors, Carbon film and carbon comp resistors,  Cliff jacks, and NOS tube sockets. The aluminum chassis is made with 1″ folded and spot welded corners for strength out of .90 gauge material. Perforated tag boards are used for both power supply and main board assembly. The Monterey 100 displays a white back panel with black lettering and accurate “Super Amplifier” script as an original. Period correct gold “plexi” front panel is used with correct font. Chassis is mounted in a full size 100 watt flat lip head cabinet with gold piping and accurate radius of the front panel cutout. Power transformer is the Drake 1204-43 with 3″ stack. The original voltage spec of 560vdc has been lowered to 500vdc so current production KT-66’s can be used. Output transformer is the 2″ stack 1202-84 with 4K primary impedance as the original. Output selection is 16 ohms, 8 ohms, and 100v line. Obviously the 100v line was never used but the winding does affect the sound of this unit.

The Monterey 100 circuit is the typical Bass circuit from the JTM era. Tone control values are a 56K slope resistor and 250pf capacitor. Power supply filtering is very low as the original JTM-45/100 and is key element to the feel and response.

This amplifier was made to fully capture the tone and vibe of the early Marshall Super Amplifier. The most fabled performance being the Jimi Hendrix Experience at Monterey Pop Festival in the summer of 1967 hence the name Monterey 100. These early 4 KT-66 powered with very low filtering produce a unique tone that was used by many greats in early recordings. The Monterey 100 fully captures the tone AND feel of these early amps with the addition of unparalleled reliability and quiet operation. The early tones of Hendrix, Free, Cream and others are readily available for those who have trained their hands and hearts in the musical sense.”


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