The Fender ’63 American Vintage Precision bass is a modern release of Fender’s renowned ’63 P Bass — nailing all aspects of the ’63 model down to the minute details. With a slightly wider C-shaped neck, your Vintage Precision bass hosts pretty much all of the original features and comfortable playability of the ’63 release — plus a few new treats to boost your bottom-end boom. A brand new American Vintage ’63 Precision bass split single-coil pickup brings you all tone and no hum, and the minimal no-nonsense simplicity of one pickup and one volume and tone knob will keep bringing on that straightforward and inimitable Fender tone. This P Bass also looks sharp with its shiny and durable American Vintage Bass bridge with threaded steel “barrel” saddles. Play this remake of a legend — and relish in Fender’s sought-after tone and magnetism.

When Vintage Gets Modern

Almost all of the original’s facets have been analyzed and applied to the ’63 American Vintage Precision bass. Throughout the ’50s and into its ’63 incarnation, the Precision’s body, fretboard, and tonewood makeup have gone through changes and modifications to turn it into the marvel it is now recognized to be. The modern P Bass utilizes restored tooling dies, features the new American Vintage ’63 Precision bass split single-coil pickup, and references the original version for the body’s cut and comfortable feel. You’ll immediately experience the rich history the ’63 Vintage Precision has gone through to become a modern rendition of the original.

Wider Maple C-Shaped Neck

A wider neck means more playing room. Your bends and vibratos will feel more comfortable and less restricted with your Vintage Precision’s slightly wider neck of a 7.25″ radius. The maple bolt-on neck construction makes maintenance easier should you ever need to make repairs or adjustments far down the road. Although the tonal advantages and disadvantages are often debated, many bass players claim that the bolt-on construct makes for a “snappier” or “brighter” attack and tone. In addition, this axe’s smooth action and playability are difficult to surpass. You’ll hear a nice resonance and feel the ease of this bass’s efficiency as your fingers experience the fruits of such a popular design.

Slick Hardware to Boot

Your new Fender axe sports Fender’s new American Vintage ’63 Precision bass split single-coil pickup. This baby really brings out that Precision bass “growl” so akin to Fender’s sought-after tone and reverberation. You can even hear the depth and feel the sustain when you play this bass unplugged in a quiet setting. Your American Vintage bass bridge with threaded steel barrel saddles anchor your strings down confidently and provide lasting sustain and secure intonation. Added treats include the mounted chrome pickup and bridge covers. They look slick and attractive against the restful Precision-shaped body cut.


– Maple bolt-on C shaped neck
– Alder body material in comfortable Precision bass shape
– New American Vintage ’63 Precision bass split single-coil pickup
– Rosewood fretboard of 20 frets with 7.25″ radius
– Vintage-style sized frets
– Vintage-Style Heel Adjust truss rods
– American Vintage reverse open-gear tuners
– Shiny American Vintage bass bridge with threaded steel “barrel” saddles
– One volume and one tone knob
– Hardshell case included

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