’54 Fender Stratocaster American Vintage available at plectrum|nyc!

The ’54 Fender Stratocaster American Vintage Reissue is described by Fender to be a time capsule of the exact same model guitar that left the Fender factory¬† in 1954!!!

It certainly looks like the real deal with its gorgeous ash body and super thin nitro lacquer in 2-tone sunburst.

The Vintage ’54 single coils sound absolutely terrific paired with the Tone King Falcon amp and equally glorious with the Fender ’57 Bandmaster, the Fender ’57 Twin and the Vox AC30 handwired.

We just love the latest iteration of the Fender American Vintage line including the “56 Fender Strat, the ’59 Strat and the “65 Strat.

If you are more into Telecasters have a look at the “52 Tele, the ’58 Tele and the “64 Tele stocked and ready to blow your mind!

At your service!