Feelin’ Purple? – check out this Tom Anderson Cobra S at plectrum|nyc!

Feelin’ Purple? – check out this Tom Anderson Cobra S at plectrum|nyc!

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Craving some special 6-string experience? Feelin’ a little purple perhaps? Why not treat yourself to something special as the Anderson Cobra S. We have it ready for you! Rent it for a day, or a weekend at plectrum|nyc! check it out here

Are there things in Music that never get old?

  Some things in Music never get old! Yet the guitars Keith and Ronnie are playing aren’t their typical Fender and Gibsons So…Gotta make room for Some New sometimes?   The  Tom Anderson, a Cobra in translucent black finish Keith is playing in the clip gets the job done. No joke. and you can rent […]

Voice-Over, Audio Recording and Production Services at plectrum|nyc!

Do you have a Voice-Over, Recording, Mixing or Mastering project that needs professional treatment? How about a writing session in a cool, laid back and relaxed ambience with access to the finest in Pro Audio and Musical Instruments? Contact us for info and rates!  

PSI Audio Precision Monitoring available at plectrum|nyc!

PSI Audio Precision Monitoring available at plectrum|nyc!

PSI Audio Monitors are at the very top when it comes to Precision Audio Monitoring in any Mix or Mastering application. We are delighted to add PSI Audio to our lineup of equipment for rental and are certain that it will satisfy the demands of our most discriminating Mix and Mastering engineers. If you are […]

FOST Fest 2016 NYC – The Future of Storytelling has arrived and it’s Immersive!

Curious how Stories might get told in the future?- Find out here:   Future of StoryTelling Summit – The Age of Immersion from Future Of StoryTelling on Vimeo. The Future of Storytelling organization held it’s first open-to-the public event, the FOST Fest, Oct 7, 8 and 9 at NYC’s The Africa Center. Exhibitors showed applications […]

Rent a Rupert Neve designed 8-Channel Discreet Analog Mic pre for $29/day* and never run out of recording channels again!

No joke, you can now get a classic discreet Analog 8-Channel Mic Pre designed by Rupert Neve for $29/day*, so there is no more excuse to not do the live recording gig you wanted to take on. And no more running out of channels… The Focusrite ISA 828 is ideal for mobile applications. It has […]

New In: Equalizers: Manley Massive-Passive, Kush Clariphonic

Folks, while you hopefully enjoyed summer we have stocked up on some very cool compressors, equalizers, mics and other gear to help you broaden your palette of tools and spice up your upcoming fall and winter recording and mixing sessions. Added to inventory and available for rental: Equalizers: Manley Massive-Passive, Kush Clariphonic Please note also […]

New Gear In: ADR Compex by Q2 – Lisson Grove AR1 – UBK Fatso – Empirical Labs EL8X – BAE 10DC

Folks, while you hopefully enjoyed summer we have stocked up on some very cool compressors, equalizers, mics and other gear to help you broaden your palette of tools and spice up your upcoming fall and winter recording and mixing sessions. Added to inventory and available for rental: Compressors/Limiters: ADR Compex by Q2 – Lisson Grove […]

Cool Mics in and available for rental: Bock 407 and Bock 251, Microtech Gefell UMT70S, M295

Folks, while you hopefully enjoyed summer we have stocked up on some very cool compressors, equalizers, mics and other gear to help you broaden your palette of tools and spice up your upcoming fall and winter recording and mixing sessions. Added to inventory and available for rental: Mics: Bock 407 and Bock 251, Microtech Gefell […]

Big day for Auro-Technologies, Auro-3D @Google NYC Tech Talk

Auro-Technologies and AURO-3D, the Immersive 3D Surround Sound pioneer headquartered in Belgium, gave an impressive presentation at Google Inc’s NY Chelsea location, featuring a talk with the artist Ozark Henry. plectrum|nyc was called on to provide a 9.2 Surround Speaker System using Sennheiser/Neumann KH805 and KH120, including Front Height and Rear Height Layers. The job […]

New in: Magnatone Stereo Twilighter

Added to inventory: Magnatone Stereo Twilighter Combo

Big Iron Guitar amp in: Germino Monterey100

Just added to inventory: Germino Monterey 100W Head      

139th AES in NYC Redux Part 4/Final Wrap-Up: #AESorg, #AES139

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  Recording & Mastering Highlights were: “Anatomy of a Country Hit” featured Nashville engineers Charlie Brocco and Ryan Gore (Kacey Musgraves, Dierks Bentley, Kelly Clarkson) and Andrew Mendelson (Georgetown Masters) hosted by Jim Kaiser (Belmont University, Nashville, TN; credits include Martina McBride, Kenny Chesney, Saturday Night Live, Kansas, Emmylou Harris, Vintage Trouble). Charlie, Ryan and […]

#AESorg #AES139 Redux Part 3:

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“VOODOO: The Analog World of Russ Elevado” I felt right at home walking into the Analog World of “Shaman” Russ Elevado, who worked with the likes of D’Angelo, The Roots, Ledisi, Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys and not to forget an artist named Prince! There were clearly good vibrations emanating from Russ, who appeared gentle, soft […]

#AESorg #AES139 Redux Part 2 update:

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My head is still spinning from information overload on the conference floor. So many excellent speakers, panelists, instructors! Among the highlights were the panels covering Audio-in-TV production for many of my favorite shows: For ABC’s “Nashville” Show:  Jim Kayser, hosting engineers Matt Andrews, Michael Colomby, Fred Paragano, Mike Poole, Glen Trew and Richard Weingart. “Mixing […]

#AESorg #AES139 Redux Part 1:

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AES NY just finished. What an event it was! Three intense days filled with meetings, instruction, presentations and panels of the highest caliber! There was the obvious cornucopia of delicious audio gear on the exhibit floor.  It was a delight to meet many of the audio designers and owners of familiar brands, including Greg Gualtieri […]

Feel and Tone of a ’50s Vintage Strat: Tom Anderson Classic in Vintage White!

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One of our favorite Strats: The Tom Anderson Classic in Vintage White. This one comes stringed with 12s. Sounds absolute killer in standard or dropped tunings. Give it a try over the weekend. Your lust for Vintage Strats from the ’50s may get satisfied at last!

New Goodies in Part 3: BAE Audio 10DC Compressor/Limiter

We picked up BAE 10DCs and they are very, very nice indeed. We are pretty sure you will like them lots and lots, too. Give us a shout well ahead of time. They’re going to be in demand!  

New Goodies in Part 2: Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard MkII, Burl B32 Vancouver

  Look what we picked up for your summing pleasure! Thermionic Culture “The Fat Bustard MKII” and The Burl B32 Vancouver Both stunning units and much talked about. The Fat Bustard is taking the prize when it comes to having fun finalizing your tracks. The B32 brings the sound of the Big console to your DAW […]

New Goodies in Part 1: SPL Madison, SSL Madixtreme 128

Planning a new project with High Channel count and limited space? Take a close look at the SSL Madixtreme 128 PCIe card and the SPL Madison 16 +16 Madi converter: One PCIe Slot in your computer gives you up 128 channels ( In and Out) at 44kHz, 64 channels at 98khz and 32 channels at […]

Sound in Motion Picture: A true Hollywood celebrity – Samuel Goldwyn’s personal Western Electric RA1142 Ribbon Mic

Western Electric RA 1142 ribbon mics from the 1940s. Similar to Altec 639B and adapted for use on Motion Picture sound stages. Serial No 375 is of very special pedigree: It was Samuel Goldwyn’s own personal mic, all the while at work laying the foundations for what is today’s Hollywood Motion Picture Industry! Carefully restored […]

“You ain’t seen nothing yet” – Vintage 1955 Hoyer Archtop just in!

You’ll have Randy Bachman’s  approval (in case that should matter to you) for the Vintage 1955 Hoyer Spezial Archtop. This one features a 17″ body and is entirely handmade and hand-carved of maple. We added a Benedetto S 6 floating pickup for fun. Old wood and they just don’t make guitars like this anymore! Unplugged […]

Recording Acoustic Guitar? – check out the Microtech Gefell M295 cardoid FET condenser Mic!

Microtech Gefell produces microphones of the highest caliber and is held in high esteem by recording professionals all over the world. The original company was founded by Georg Neumann in 1928 and after WWII and the division into Eastern and Western Germany was renamed Microtech Gefell, while in West Germany the company continued under the […]

Now available: Keyboards, Synths and Modules at plectrum|nyc!

We are expanding our inventory of rentable gear and are adding keyboards, synths and modules from the likes of Moog, Kurzweil, Yamaha, Clavia, Korg, Dave Smith and Sequential. Stay tuned for updates and contact us with questions about specific models!

’59 RI Gibson Les Paul Standard VOS in Lemon Burst available!

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Newly added to our rental inventory:  a gorgeous 2014 Gibson ’59 Les Paul Standard Reissue VOS in Lemon Burst. The guitar weighs a tad above 8.5 lbs and has a slightly aged, played-in feel. Custombuckers in Neck and Bridge with great clarity, note separation and great balance. This guitar looks, feels, plays and sounds f***ing […]

Get some Bass going! – ’58 and ’63 Fender Precision Bass at plectrum|nyc!

Both these beauties have been added to our inventory. Choose between the ’63 Fender P-Bass with rosewood fretboard or the ’58 Fender P-Bass with maple board. Both have tone, tone, tone to die for. Check out the Mesa Boogie 12″ Scout Walkabout Bass amp. It’s Super-compact, portable and it’s sound will blow your mind. Drop […]

Sprinkle some magic! Fulltone Tube Tape Echo available for rent at plectrum|nyc!

There are tons of Echo/Delay pedals and then there is the real thing. The Fulltone Tube Tape Echo  based on the famed Echoplex. Rest assured no delay/echo emulation sounds like it! But it gets better: “The Echoplex wasn’t notable just for the delay, but also for the sound; it is “still a classic today, and […]

Gon Bops Vintage Percussion available for rental!

Gon Bops Vintage percussion instruments are highly sought after and will add all the magical accents needed to perfect your live or recording performance! We are stocked up on Gon Bops Quinto, Conga, Tumba and Bongos All authentic vintage! Stay tuned for product updates, or give us a shout for specifics and quotes!

You spoke. We listened – Zildjian K custom Cymbals NOW available for rent at plectrum|nyc!

We are stocking up on Zildjian K custom cymbals and on select cymbals from other Zildjian lines. Contact us for current inventory and stay tuned for product updates!  

Appetite for some 12-String? – Guild F512 and F212 at plectrum|nyc!

Looking for a 12-String Acoustic Guitar for your next song writing session? We have a Guild F512 and a Guild 212 for ya! Yes, both models were made at the New Hartford factory! The Guild F512 (Rosewood body) sounds absolutely divine and has somewhat higher sustain than the Guild F212XL (Mahogany body). The F212XL has […]

’72 Fender Custom Telecaster at plectrum|nyc!

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One of the coolest R ‘n R guitars of all times. You have seen this one in the hands of a certain Keith from England and countless other rockers. This ’72 Fender Custom Telecaster has brass saddles and tone to die for. Not to forget the sex appeal! For quotes and to reserve give us a […]

In the mood for a high-end Martin guitar? – Rent one at plectrum|nyc!

How about writing or recording your next song on a high-end Martin guitar? Take a look at the Martin 000-28 Eric Clapton, the Martin 000-18 Golden Era 1937, the Martin D28 Marquis and the excellent 2012 updated Martin D18. Give us a shout. You’ll be inspired!

Rad as hell with tone that will blow your mind – James Trussart Guitars for rent at plectrum|nyc!

With Tone so distinctive Trussart guitars have become ‘must-have’ instruments in the arsenals of influential artists including Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons, Joe Walsh, Jack White, Charlie Sexton, Daniel Lanois, Marc Ribot, Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow), Rich Robinson (Black Crowes), Sonny Landreth, Joe Perry, Tom Morello, Billy Corgan, The Roots and many, many more! […]

’54 Fender Stratocaster American Vintage available at plectrum|nyc!

The ’54 Fender Stratocaster American Vintage Reissue is described by Fender to be a time capsule of the exact same model guitar that left the Fender factory  in 1954!!! It certainly looks like the real deal with its gorgeous ash body and super thin nitro lacquer in 2-tone sunburst. The Vintage ’54 single coils sound […]

Glowing review for Neumann U47fet RI in latest TapeOp! – Rent it at plectrum|nyc!

Check out the great review for the Neumann U47fet condenser mic (reissue) in the latest edition of TapeOp mag ! (You may have to be a subscriber to view the link, but it’s well worth signing up!) Rent the Neumann U47fet mic for your next recording project! Give us a shout and you’ll be ready […]

It’s like candy! Fender Bass VI for rental at plectrum|nyc!

    Feeling experimental? Looking for some new ideas? Rent the Fender Bass VI over a long summer weekend along with the incredible Mesa Boogie Scout Walkabout Bass amp! This combo will get you going in totally new ways!    

Get your ribbons going! AEA RPQ preamp available for rent!

The AEA RPQ preamp gets your ribbon mics going with up to 80dB of clean, transparent gain and we can’t hear absolutely no noise! It’s a 2-channel design with built-in EQ. The unit feels rugged, up for heavy professional use. Knobs and jacks and components inside are first rate. We have paired it with the […]

Vintage Drum Recording courtesy of Birdland Studio

A masterful take on getting and recording authentic Vintage Drum sounds courtesy of our Italian friends at Birdland Studios! See the brilliant drumming by Pablo De Biasi covering “Come together”, “Purple Haze” and “Superstition”!! Do you have your own vintage recording project on the way, but certain pieces of equipment are missing? Drop us a […]

Tone King Amplifiers available for rental at plectrum|nyc!

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Mike Bartel is the man behind Tone King amps and is considered a genius by many in the industry. His amps capture the very best of tone of vintage Fender amps. In 2014 Tone King added the Royalist, which goes after the tone of an early Marshall Plexi and equally nails it! All the Tone […]

Coles 4038 ribbon mic? See what Jack White has to say!

  We greatly admire Jack’s talent and his quest to preserve the authenticity, the true spirit of music. He is a genuine artist of a now very rare kind and a gifted multi-instrumentalist. We have seen him playing the blues on an upright piano and it gave us the goose bumps! He’s the real deal […]

Sticky Fingers? A Vintage Ampeg will get you there!

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Stones Fan? – Excited about the upcoming re-release of “Sticky Fingers” ? That edgy, rough, in your face sound? A vintage Ampeg will definitely get you in the ballpark! We have a ’69 Ampeg GU-12, fully serviced and its magic is just a call away!

Chandler Limited Curve Bender, Zener Limiter available for rental at plectrum|nyc!

We admire Wade Goeke’s work at Chandler Limited and stocked up on some of his very exquisite pieces of gear: Currently available for rental are the TG2 preamp, TG1 Limiter, Zener Limiter, Curve Bender, Germanium Comp. Give us a call and put them to use in your next production!  

“Light and Shade, the Whisper to the Thunder” – A lesson courtesy of Jimmy Page!

“Light and Shade, the Whisper to the Thunder”- A lesson on the importance of dynamics in music  – courtesy of none less than the master himself, Jimmy Page! We also dig Jimmy’s ’59 Gibson Les Paul Standard by the way… Inspired? In the mood for a Les Paul for your next studio gig? We have […]

LaChapell Audio Model 992 EG Tube Preamp – available for rental at plectrum|nyc!

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LaChapell Model 992 EG Tube Preamp with Premium Vintage NOS Tubes in stock at plectrum|nyc. Masterbuilder Scott LaChapell’s current top of the line Tube preamp creation. Highly acclaimed! Superlative!! Whenever some more grit and character is desired, while tracking or on the 2 bus. Get the details here

It’s a Cult! – Gretsch Falcon Billy Duffy now available for Rental at plectrum|nyc!

Billy’s Gretsch Falcon must be among the coolest Artist/Signature guitars around! Read up on the whole story at Gretsch’s product page This guitar seriously rocks. No, it’s addictive. Available for rental here at plectrum|nyc You know you gotta do this!

Hollow Body Jazz guitar for Rock? – Let’s ask Lenny Kravitz!

Rave Un2 American Woman Prince Lenny Kravitz by devonmuse And Lenny has spoken! He seems to be playing the Epiphone version of the Gibson ES-175 and what we hear sounds like some serious shredding. So much for Hollow Bodies being great for smooth Jazz! By the way we know Lenny loves to pair his “Jazz […]

Huss & Dalton Crossroads Acoustic Guitar available at plectrum|nyc

Huss & Dalton Guitars is one of our favorite Boutique Acoustic Guitar Builders and we just absolutely love their Crossroads model. The H&D Crossroads is size OO, weighs about 3.5 lbs and once you play it you don”t ever want to put it away. It’s siting here and waiting to inspire you in that special […]

Cranesong Avocet Monitor Controller

Cranesong Avocet is not only a state of the art studio monitor controller, it also comes with its own, built-in Digital to Analog Conversion stage. The Avocet is considered a studio standard and reference in professional recording circles and has been praised in countless reviews and among the most critical ears within the industry. If […]

Why are Grammy-Winning Producers raving about the Retro Instruments Sta-Level and the Retro Instruments 176 Limiter?

Retro Instruments describes its products: “Vintage design for modern recording”, that keep what made the 50s and 60s originals best of the best, updating these vintage designs with modern features and improved functionality. Phil Moore, the man behind Retro Instruments, must have done something very right, because people like Chris Lord-Alge, Joe Chiccarelli, Michael Brauer, […]

Santa Cruz Guitar Company at plectrum|nyc

The name Santa Cruz is to be found all over High-End Acoustic guitar blogs and there is a reason for it: Their guitars are simply that good. The man behind them, Richard Hoover, sought to create modern Acoustics that sound and feel like Golden Age Vintage guitars from the 30’s and 40’s.  Santa Cruz guitars […]