#AESorg #AES139 Redux Part 1:

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AES NY just finished. What an event it was!

Three intense days filled with meetings, instruction, presentations and panels of the highest caliber!

There was the obvious cornucopia of delicious audio gear on the exhibit floor.  It was a delight to meet many of the audio designers and owners of familiar brands, including Greg Gualtieri of Pendulum Audio.

I asked Greg innocuously, “Anything New from Pendulum this year?” Greg shook his head and said, “Nope.”  What ensued was one of the most memorable encounters I had during the entire AES conference.

We got into a lengthy discussion about vacuum tube vs. solid state signal paths and the aspects of continuing miniaturization in solid state. (i.e. cramming more and more analog signal processing functions onto silicon chips)

All I can say is that talking to Greg was enlightening, to say the least, and highly recommended. I finally understood his reasoning for not offering new Pendulum gear: Physics hasn’t changed and he feels he has already designed the most uncompromising and discriminating gear!

I will follow up with more detail in the future, but the main take away for now is that Greg is among the very few capable of articulating the theory behind what my ears always knew:

There is very good reason why old-school analog gear is in such high demand and it will not be going away anytime soon!

All said I hope I can talk Greg into perhaps offering a future Pendulum AD/DA converter or a Pendulum monitor controller to add to the tool box!

-to be continued-