Big day for Auro-Technologies, Auro-3D @Google NYC Tech Talk

Auro-Technologies and AURO-3D, the Immersive 3D Surround Sound pioneer headquartered in Belgium, gave an impressive presentation at Google Inc’s NY Chelsea location, featuring a talk with the artist Ozark Henry.

plectrum|nyc was called on to provide a 9.2 Surround Speaker System using Sennheiser/Neumann KH805 and KH120, including Front Height and Rear Height Layers. The job was not without its challenges, since there were only 36h left to work with between the time the order was ready to go and setup at Google and all equipment had to be flown in overnight!


Fast forward a few hours later, every single seat in the Tech Talk@Google auditorium on the 11th floor was taken up by Google execs, who all of a sudden found themselves immersed in a wall of sound emanating from all sides including from above.


The event and listening experience was a thorough success for the Auro-3D team and plectrum|nyc’s Andy G. commented:

“We congratulate Auro-3D for the artful and impactful presentation of its technology. The entire team at plectrum|nyc is delighted to have participated in making the event go as planned, specifically, to have taken on a deadline that, at first, seemed almost impossible to meet.”

And commenting further:

“We believe demand for Immersive 3-D Sound applications ( see major movie releases in Auro 3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS¬† in 3D Surround formats scheduled for this year ) will only strengthen further and plectrum|nyc will direct new investments into equipment accordingly.”

For inqueries contact, or call 929.400.5262