Hollow Body Jazz guitar for Rock? – Let’s ask Lenny Kravitz!

Rave Un2 American Woman Prince Lenny Kravitz by devonmuse

And Lenny has spoken! He seems to be playing the Epiphone version of the Gibson ES-175 and what we hear sounds like some serious shredding.

So much for Hollow Bodies being great for smooth Jazz!

By the way we know Lenny loves to pair his “Jazz Box” with his Tweed amp set on 10″.

So if any of your friends and neighbors should ever be in doubt that this makes for a hard rocking combination, you may surprise them with a little rock concerto of your own!

For starters how about the Gibson Es-175 and a Tweed Twin amp?

Of course, instead of the Twin you could also go with the Bandmaster, or a Bassman. Just make sure they’re set on 10″!




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