Sprinkle some magic! Fulltone Tube Tape Echo available for rent at plectrum|nyc!

There are tons of Echo/Delay pedals and then there is the real thing.

The Fulltone Tube Tape Echo  based on the famed Echoplex.

Rest assured no delay/echo emulation sounds like it!

But it gets better:

“The Echoplex wasn’t notable just for the delay, but also for the sound; it is “still a classic today, and highly desirable for a range of playing styles¬†… warm, rich, and full-bodied.” The delay could be turned off and the unit used as a filter, thanks to the sound of the vacuum tubes; this is how Andy Summers uses it, for instance.” (see hyperlinked wikipedia article)

We ran a ’69 Les Paul Goldtop through the Fulltone TTE into an ’69 Ampeg amp and we were blown away by a refined, sophisticated, complex, golden vintage tone!

See in the clip how someone y’all know uses the Fulltone TTE as a pre-stage before running it into his (high-powered) Fender Twin amp!

Just what’s needed to beef up your single-coils!

Give us a shout to reserve the Fulltone Tube Tape Echo and sprinkle magical tone onto your upcoming track!