plectrum|nyc in pre-launch

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Preparations for the launch of plectrum|nyc are in high gear. Systems and operations are currently being set up, and equipment is being inspected and readied to be put into service of musicians, performers, recording and mastering engineers.

Inventory will include an eclectic selection of analog recording and studio gear, as well as a curated selection of highly desirable boutique guitars (both electric and acoustic), guitar amps and basses.

“We’d like to be seen as the ‘go-to’ place for supplying that special guitar or amp that can set off the creative spark to write THAT ONE song, or supply the analog recording chain capturing an unforgettable vocal performance,” said Andy C., who is in charge of operations.

“We’ll have a selection of vintage microphones, various RCA and Western Electric types, as well as tube condenser versions, plus a variety of modern microphones,” he added.

plectrum|nyc’s service is slated to open at the end of June 2015 and will include delivery and pick-up.

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