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The Leslie G27 1×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet was designed especially for the professional guitarist after countless interviews and hundreds of hours of product testing with famous guitarists around the world. The G27 guitar speaker can connect with other amplifiers for that unmistakable rotating sound made famous in such classic rock anthems as The Beatles’ “Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds,” and Pink Floyd’s “Echoes.”

The Leslie speaker cab features single-channel, low and high input jacks. The two-speed horn and bass rotor has slow and fast speeds that can be adjusted individually. The rotor will automatically stop in the forward position when the stop mode is selected, which maximizes the sound pumping out toward the audience. The FS-10TL foot switch enables the control of the speed of the rotors between stop, slow, and fast. Leslie’s speaker system is capable of handling an external amplifier up to 100W RMS. The vintage 12″ V30 speaker is made with all the original materials and a high-frequency horn driver for that unmistakable Leslie sound. The channel select footswitch lets you adjust the speed selection on the fly, from fast, to slow, to stop. The rugged-built painted cabinet is constructed of 3/4″ Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF), with protective corners and two folding handles.

The Leslie Model 18 or “Vibratone,” is a holy grail for vintage guitar amp collectors. Few pedals can mimic the shimmering sound that a genuine Leslie can bring. The Vibratone amps are hard to find and can’t be beat. That’s why the Leslie G27 guitar cab is a real Leslie, voiced for electric and acoustic-electric guitar, and beats the vintage box hands-down.


  • FS-10TL foot switch for variable speed control
  • Horn and rotor positioned at front of the cabinet when stopped
  • Genuine Leslie rotating horn


G27 1×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

  • Power supply: 120V AC, 60Hz
  • Weight: 101lb.
  • Dimensions: 29.25″W x 20.5″D x 26.75″H

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