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Below find some more info on this amazing mic. Ours, by the way, has been restored by Clarence Kane of ENAK and he assured us that it ‘sounds” as good as when it originally came out of the Victor factory more than 80 years ago.

RCA Type PB31, PB140, PB144, 44A, 44B Vintage Ribbon mics

RCA (Victor) 44 A Ribbon mic

The Type-A RCA 44 mic was manufactured in 1932 and has a frequency response of 30 to 16,000 Hz. This was the first model to enter the 44 family, and was highly regarded in the music and radio broadcast industry.

Considered a modern day classic, the RCA 44-A has an incredibly warm response, particularly with regard to proximity effect. Its effect on voice offers a particularly lush and intimate sound. It’s also a terrific choice for instruments, as the ribbon has a natural gentle sloping effect on higher frequencies. As such, when recording instruments that have a harsher or more attach-heavy sound, the RCA 44-A is a great choice.

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