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Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone at a Glance:

  • Clear and present sound that’s great for a wide range of sources
  • Exceptional versatility onstage and in the studio
  • Built to withstand a lifetime of serious abuse

Clear and present sound that’s great for a wide range of sourcesFrom the biggest live stages, to the top recording studios world wide, to the presidential podium, the Shure SM57 is one of the most widely used microphones the world over. One of the things that defines the Shure SM57 as the quintessential workhorse microphone is its signature frequency response and presence boost. This natural presence boost brings out clarity in vocals, snap in snare drums, and bite in guitar amps. In general, you’ll be able to use your SM57 on anything. In fact, it’s common practice in many studios and on virtually every live stage to use the SM57 as a default microphone for everything.

Exceptional versatility onstage and in the studioThe sound of the SM57 isn’t the only thing that makes it a fantastic workhorse microphone. Its tight cardioid polar pattern gives you exceptional isolation. In fact, one of the reasons the the Shure SM57 is such a popular snare drum microphone is that you can easily position it so that it rejects the sound of the nearby hi-hat. But the SM57’s stellar off-axis noise rejection isn’t just great in the studio. Onstage, it’s easy to position the SM57 so that it doesn’t pick up the sound of the PA, allowing you to get maximum gain before feedback.

Built to withstand a lifetime of serious abuseOf course, you can’t talk about Shure’s SM57 without mentioning its heroic toughness. There are epic videos on YouTube and countless stories of people running SM57s over with trucks, dropping them off of buildings, submerging them in salt water, and burying them in the Earth for months – all without so much as affecting their frequency responses. What that translates into for you is that the typical day-after-day, show-after-show abuse of any studio or stage microphone is simply no match for this mighty mic. The only reason you’ll ever have for buying another Shure SM57 is because you want more than one.

Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone Features:

  • The most popular dynamic microphone on the planet
  • Great workhorse microphone live or in the studio
  • Excellent for capturing the sound of virtually any instrument or sound source
  • Especially suitable for close-miking of instrument amps and speakers
  • Perfect for studio applications
  • Natural presence peak brings out extra clarity in vocals and many instruments
  • Built to withstand the harshest conditions, wear, and abuse
  • For use both as a handheld microphone and with a stand mount
  • Tight cardioid polar patter provides excellent gain before feedback

Every stage and studio setup needs the ultra-dependable, affordable, great-sounding Shure SM57!

Tech Specs

Microphone Type Dynamic
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Response 40Hz-15kHz
Output Impedance 150 ohms
Color Black
Connector XLR
Weight .63 lb.

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