Rent a Rupert Neve designed 8-Channel Discreet Analog Mic pre for $29/day* and never run out of recording channels again!

No joke, you can now get a classic discreet Analog 8-Channel Mic Pre designed by Rupert Neve for $29/day*, so there is no more excuse to not do the live recording gig you wanted to take on. And no more running out of channels…

The Focusrite ISA 828 is ideal for mobile applications. It has variable impedance selectors to get the best out of your mics and enough gain to make any ribbon mic sing.

*$29/day based on weekly rental. Give us a shout also if you need a shorter or longer term

**By the way the ISA 828 has been used to record Live from Darryl’s House LFDH shows since the beginning and given the show’s success and budget you bet there have been many alternatives, yet the ISA 828 kept its place.