Get your ribbons going! AEA RPQ preamp available for rent!

The AEA RPQ preamp gets your ribbon mics going with up to 80dB of clean, transparent gain and we can’t hear absolutely no noise! It’s a 2-channel design with built-in EQ. The unit feels rugged, up for heavy professional use. Knobs and jacks and components inside are first rate. We have paired it with the […]

Coles 4038 ribbon mic? See what Jack White has to say!

  We greatly admire Jack’s talent and his quest to preserve the authenticity, the true spirit of music. He is a genuine artist of a now very rare kind and a gifted multi-instrumentalist. We have seen him playing the blues on an upright piano and it gave us the goose bumps! He’s the real deal […]

RCA 77DX and RCA 44A Vintage mics available for rental!

  The pictured RCA 77DX and a very rare RCA 44A vintage Ribbon mic just got back from restoration. Thanks to Clarence Kane at ENAK for making us forget that these microphones are in fact 50+yrs and 80+yrs old! Hear the magic of these amazing vintage mics and put them to use in your next […]