Get your ribbons going! AEA RPQ preamp available for rent!

The AEA RPQ preamp gets your ribbon mics going with up to 80dB of clean, transparent gain and we can’t hear absolutely no noise!

It’s a 2-channel design with built-in EQ. The unit feels rugged, up for heavy professional use. Knobs and jacks and components inside are first rate.

We have paired it with the RCA/Victor 44A, the RCA 77DX, the Western Digital RA1142, the Coles 4038, the BeyerDynamic M160 and others.  All these mics sound the best ever!

To top it off there is a separate pair of mic inputs for Dynamic/Condenser mics with 48V phantom. We paired the AEA RPQ with the Telefunken M82, the Microtech Gefell M295, the Neumann U47fet and the Telefunken ELAM 260, to name a few, and again we were amazed by the clarity and transparency of sound.

The folks at Audio Engineering Associates have come up with an absolutely superb preamp- Wes Dooley, we luv ya!

Wanna try the AEA RPQ in your next recording session?

Give us a shout!