Why are Grammy-Winning Producers raving about the Retro Instruments Sta-Level and the Retro Instruments 176 Limiter?

Retro Instruments describes its products: “Vintage design for modern recording”, that keep what made the 50s and 60s originals best of the best, updating these vintage designs with modern features and improved functionality.

Phil Moore, the man behind Retro Instruments, must have done something very right, because people like Chris Lord-Alge, Joe Chiccarelli, Michael Brauer, Sylvia Massy and other Industry Greats are all over his products singing praises.

Available for you and ready to add that elusive sprinkle of magic onto your next production, we have the Retro Sta-Level, which recreates the magic of the original 1956 Gates Sta-Level, as well as the Retro 176, considered a faithful reproduction of Bill Putnam’s design from the 1960s, the UA176.




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