“You ain’t seen nothing yet” – Vintage 1955 Hoyer Archtop just in!


You’ll have Randy Bachman’s  approval (in case that should matter to you) for the Vintage 1955 Hoyer Spezial Archtop. This one features a 17″ body and is entirely handmade and hand-carved of maple. We added a Benedetto S 6 floating pickup for fun.

Old wood and they just don’t make guitars like this anymore!

Unplugged the guitar features delicate and extremely rich overtones, as well as incredible projection. Sound emerges from the middle of the room!

Plugged in and with the amp adjusted to the Benedetto’s high signal output our jaws dropped.

It sounds absolutely sick and immediately gave us new song ideas! We plugged in some other high-end Archtops and Hollow Bodies right after and they sounded tame, if not lame in comparison!

This may be an instrument to consider if you want to add that special something layer of magic dust onto your next track!

For inquiries and availability drop us a line.