Tone King Amplifiers available for rental at plectrum|nyc!

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Mike Bartel is the man behind Tone King amps and is considered a genius by many in the industry. His amps capture the very best of tone of vintage Fender amps.

In 2014 Tone King added the Royalist, which goes after the tone of an early Marshall Plexi and equally nails it!

All the Tone King amps we carry feature a built-in attenuator, so the amp stages can be pushed into overdrive at relatively low volume levels.

It’s a neat option good for rehearsal/session work in a smaller room setting. You get a more natural, organic overdrive without shattering the windows.

We also generally like it better than overdrive pedals, but we admit we are tone snobs!  But give it try and decide for yourself!

Currently in inventory are the handwired Sky King, the handwired Imperial 20Th Anniversary, the most excellent little Falcon and the early Marshallesque Royalist 45, all ready to appear at your next gig!

At your service!