Hollow Body Jazz guitar for Rock? – Let’s ask Lenny Kravitz!

Rave Un2 American Woman Prince Lenny Kravitz by devonmuse And Lenny has spoken! He seems to be playing the Epiphone version of the Gibson ES-175 and what we hear sounds like some serious shredding. So much for Hollow Bodies being great for smooth Jazz! By the way we know Lenny loves to pair his “Jazz […]

Huss & Dalton Crossroads Acoustic Guitar available at plectrum|nyc

Huss & Dalton Guitars is one of our favorite Boutique Acoustic Guitar Builders and we just absolutely love their Crossroads model. The H&D Crossroads is size OO, weighs about 3.5 lbs and once you play it you don”t ever want to put it away. It’s siting here and waiting to inspire you in that special […]

Cranesong Avocet Monitor Controller

Cranesong Avocet is not only a state of the art studio monitor controller, it also comes with its own, built-in Digital to Analog Conversion stage. The Avocet is considered a studio standard and reference in professional recording circles and has been praised in countless reviews and among the most critical ears within the industry. If […]

Why are Grammy-Winning Producers raving about the Retro Instruments Sta-Level and the Retro Instruments 176 Limiter?

Retro Instruments describes its products: “Vintage design for modern recording”, that keep what made the 50s and 60s originals best of the best, updating these vintage designs with modern features and improved functionality. Phil Moore, the man behind Retro Instruments, must have done something very right, because people like Chris Lord-Alge, Joe Chiccarelli, Michael Brauer, […]

Santa Cruz Guitar Company at plectrum|nyc

The name Santa Cruz is to be found all over High-End Acoustic guitar blogs and there is a reason for it: Their guitars are simply that good. The man behind them, Richard Hoover, sought to create modern Acoustics that sound and feel like Golden Age Vintage guitars from the 30’s and 40’s.  Santa Cruz guitars […]

Ron Wood and Gary Clark Jr. won’t go far without their Vibro-Kings

If you are familiar with Ronnie’s and Gary’s rigs then you already know that the Fender Vibro-Kings amps are the backbone to their sound. Ronnie is rumored to have 30-40 of them in storage at his London warehouse! (He prefers the early ones by the way.) We often see Gary gigging with a stack of […]

Pendulum Audio Quartet and Quartet II ME Tube recording channels available

Pendulum Audio is one of the most highly respected brands in the Audio Recording Industry and we are delighted to offer the Pendulum Quartet and the Pendulum Quartet II ME to our community of musicians, recording engineers and record producers.

Questlove’s favorite turntables in stock!

Questlove’s favorite turntables in stock!

If you wanna go old-school then do so in style with the Technics SL-1210M5G Grand Master Edition These glorious turntables will not only elevate your rig and provide you with some very serious cred, they also serve as precision tools for sampling your expensive vinyl collection at home or in the studio. We recently saw […]